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how much to use?

Hi, I am considering making pot brownies for new years! but I have 2 essential questions as I’ve only made brownies once with premade butter.


how much should I plan to be serve per brownie, I will be working with medium-high grade cannabis buds and I want them to blow people away, not just give a buzz. I was thinking 7/8 of a gram per brownie would be sufficent for this, am I high or low?

also, as for making the cannabutter:

is this going to stink up the house, I will be using a pot with a lid, but since others in my house would definately mind, and security and secretcy is essential, would it be safe to make it in my own kitchen?

also, I have found that thouroughly coating the pot in honey prevents small amounts being cooked in the microwave for leary snacks and nachos from producing smell, does anybody know if this would work for preventing smell with making butter on a stove top?

does anyone know if the honey would hinder the butters absorption of THC or make it a bad consistancy for making brownies?

I know I asked 4 questions instead of 2, but thanks for taking the time to help me out! 🙂

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