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How much do you load in your bowl?

I’ve been running through youtube videos on the new youtube xbox app. Been doin some research on some of the bongs I’m thinking about getting and I notice a lot of the people on there will load like 1/4 – 1/2 a bowl.

Me… I pack that fucker til it’s full so I don’t have to load every time I want a hit. I understand some people are trying to conserve and all, but if you’re making a youtube video, why pack half a bowl? I mean it’s like like they can say "I cleared that bowl" and be proud of it… Whoop dee doo, you cleared half a bowl. If I ever post a youtube video of me hittin a bong guys, I’m gonna pack a full bowl and clear it just for yall.

So. What’s your preference for how much you load in a bowl?

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