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How I used substitution to pass 5 panel

I had to take a 5 panel drug test for my P.O. a couple weeks ago. As I smoke everyday all day I know there was no way in hell I would pass my test. I did a little research and decided to use substitution. I have never taken a drug test so I went into the local office not knowing how long I would have to wait…I got a small sprite bottle and got a friend to meet me at the clinic, in the morning bc I figured i’d try it early so maybe they would still be half asleep and not be too suspicious about a 21 yr old college kid on a monday morning lol..He pissed in the bottle and I put it on my defrost and warmed it a little extra so if I had to wait it would still be above 92. I taped hand warmers to the sides of the bottle and put it inside of my sliding shorts which kept it close to my body for extra warmth and I could walk fine and there was no way of telling I had the bottle. Inside the clinic I had to wait 30 min and fill out paper work as it was my first time there. So I just squeezed my legs together to try to keep the temp high. When i was called back the women was right out side the door I pulled the bottle out and slowly unscrewed the top poured what I needed into the cup then used my real piss to piss in the toilet so she wouldnt be suspicious. Then stored the bottle back in my pants and walked out. I had a very little amount of urine with me but it still worked,(you don’t have to bring a lot with you. it takes a very small amount for a test) I came out she took the cup tested and I was negative. I really didnt think it would work but it did. I never once checked the temp but I recommend checking it before you use your sample. I recommend substitution to anyone who can stay calm and not get nervous by being watched. Keep it rolling:o

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