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Homemade Bubbler Pics

Here are some pics of my recently made bubbler. I used a glass bottle I got from a friend’s lunch, a metal tube from my dads veterinarian supplies as the stem, a copper tubing connector thingy (im not quite sure what its for) as the bowl, a faucet screen as the filter, and some other random tubing plus liberal amounts of electrical tape, and some nice caulk and super glue work. I used it this morning, hits beautifully. Smoke has lost any hint of harshness experienced with my other homemade pipes, and the bottle can be filled with any liquid to flavor, plus ice can be used for super chill smoke. I know this may look different from the average bong or bubbler, but i dont have a glass for my drill, so i cant put the bowl coming out of the side. Was easy to make, important part was airtight seals on the cap and a smaller hole at the end of the stem. Btw – open images in new tab if they dont load – the files are pretty big.

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