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high for 15+ hours?

so i like to smoke before bed and this last time i smoked a lot and sort of started seeing this vortex thing, so i decided to go to sleep. the next morning i was fine and i went to see a movie, but after we got out i started feeling a little distracted and zoned out like right before you get high (like you’re watching a movie of yourself doing something). it lasted for a couple of hours after that, as well, and faded slowly. every time i’ve smoked this weed i hear music in my head and if i smoke a lot sometimes see stuff. no colors, just like black splotches and spinning and stuff. also when i wake up in the morning i feel okay but after i’ve been up for an hour or so a mini-high always kicks in and fades away really slowly. think my weed is laced or just really, really good? lol

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