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Help Some tips

This is my first post here. I am a semi heavy smoker. Well I have adhd, depression and joint pains. Ever since i started smoking Marijuana all this has gone away. Until recently when I put the pipe down after I was drug tested so I wont have any problems. Well I am going to the doctor’s tomorrow and we are looking for medication to use for my problems. Well I have read medical canibus is a very good medication for my problem’s. The problem is My mom is against marijuana 100% I have eased her off of it since I watch the union and movies close to that. I know my mom would be okay with it if a doctor says fine But my father wont. My dad just got laid off as a drug and alcohol counsler. And he will not allow it at all. Is there anyway I can get him on my side??? This is a tight ass case but really Ive done pills and they make me sick and give me anger. I want a more natural medication. Can anyone give me tip’s how to approach this? (Im under 18) :hail:

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