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HELP! Pass school drug test

Ok, so I was arrested on November 25, and the police finally just contacted the school, and I have been smoking a few times a week since then. So they called my mom and had her sign a paper to have me tested, I believe it is a lab test but im not certain. I’m about 5’5" 150 lbs, chubby, not muscle =/ and I have been drinking a decent amount of water today and the test is tomorrow. I am planning on skipping school tomorrow to buy more time however. So let’s say the test will be Thursday. I have clean urine from a friend but it is from today and will most likely be bad by then plus that just seems risky. I also can do the 4 aspirin trick and i have vitamin b6’s to make it yellow (How many should I take they are 100mg each). Will I pass? what do you guys recommend? Last time i smoked was Sunday (2 days ago) and it was just 1 bowl out of a gravity bong. Thanks in advance please help!

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