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ya so iv smoked 4 times before and have gotten a normal high and has been cool, but yesterday my friend brought a bong and i had 5-6 nice rips out of it…….about 6 minutes later i tripped hard i was like gone not in my mind…..i could feel everything and it scared me and i was shaking, i felt like throwing up a little bit and could hear my heart racing fast, my 3 other friends smoked the same amount or more(have been smoking longer then me) felt like they were just tottaly ripped and happy….me on the other hand wanted to call 911…………..idk what happened but it felt like everything was moving around me , please help me on what u think this was …iv been high before its fun but i dont want to smoke if that happens again….i feel much better today but still fell my heart race every so often please help

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