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hello everyone……………………………….i have a question and thought this would be the place to ask… so iv smoked 3-4 times before my "incounter" but what happened is my friend brought a bong toschool, and we smoked quite a bit maybe 5 hits each but it was out of a 7inch bong so it was smaller, as i was walking home i started feeling weird, i started losing it freeking out i could feel everything and it felt like i wasent there…..i could feel my heart beeting extremely fast and it felt liking i was weightless. i finally got home and was scared so i tried to sleep but couldnt, my friend came with me and said he was fine 3 other of my friends said they were fine to, so it wasent laced ?about 3 days later whenever i try to do some sports i can feel my heart beating but it gets better everyday…….i really dont know what happened it was really scary and dont want it to happen again please help

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