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Have a pretty bad time right now with tolerance!

So the deal is a couple months ago I got cought smokeing weed by my mom.Worst experience ever but pretty awsome weed! Sence then I have moved a hour away from my last home so I can’t by from my last dealer.I live right next to a gas station that has like three dealers that work there and are always there,and my buddy that lives here has bought from them before and says they are legit. So I tried buyin from them and they dident have any at the time.

My problem right now is that first,I haven’t smoked in over two months.Second of all I’m live craveing it! I used to think about Getting high all the time! But not as much anymore.I’m defiantly not quoting so thats not even a choice.But the problem is that my parents are around ALOT! ha but me and my buddy go off to town and ride bikes and stuff like that so we are Gone most of the day. another thing is that I don’t really feel comfortable yet with buying from the guys at the gas station.

My question to all of you fellow stoners out there is what should I do?! I don’t know if I should smoke a cig or something like that.or just keep trying to buy some weed! I really need some help lol cuz I I’m going crazy right now lol. Please help! Ha thanks guys 😀

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