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Hated Aspects of Society

In this world children and even teenagers are not exactly people. Society as far as I know or can gather from what I’ve seen seems to think that adults are automatically the responsible and knowledgeable individuals in any situation simply because they are adults. For the most part this is all well and good, provided the adults actually know whats best for their kids, but what happens when the adults are the stereotypical children in the situation?

Fuck well let’s start with my pregnant friend, her dad is an absolute dick. Because of her situation he’s the only one that she can live with and recently they got into a heated argument over how her dad thinks she’s still doing drugs and doesn’t care about her baby when she’s actually put her whole life on hold for this baby. During this argument her dad began shoving her, his own pregnant daughter. Im sorry but what the fuck? Who does that? She called the cops on him and when they got there it was the same story as always "His house, his rules"

So if his rules suddenly make it ok for him to push his daughter and I mean like violently. (She showed me the bruises she got from being thrown into a wall) like wtf? Im almost to rattled about this to remain coherent right now

On another note one of my good friends is in a similar situation. His mother thinks he’s a delinquent, she smokes pot, sits on her ass all day and does nothing to take care of his three younger siblings except yell at them or get off her ass to pull the welfare check out of the mail when it comes. My friend on the other hand cooks and cleans and even worked a summer job welding (at 16 which is hard as fuck, shit work, he has arthritis from it) just so he can live a decent life at home.

His mom treats him like shit, she actually told us on multiple occasions to stop jamming because she said (her words) "the music you play is shit". She stifles his creativity and treats him like he’s not even a member of the family. The worst part is that if anything ever happened he has no one to vouch for him.

He put dreads in his hair and she threatened to kick him out because she refuses to have a son who looks like "a scraggly fucking hobo". A little while later and she actually did kick him out. I took it upon myself to do everything I could to help him.

My mom who is friends with his mom was rather reluctant to let him stay at my place after my mom had heard his mom’s side of the story.

With no one to vouch for you, you don’t have a voice, and if you don’t have a voice and can’t get the truth out then you’re fucked. Without my voice raised in defense of my friend I can’t imagine what would have happened.

fuck Im just rattled :soapbox:

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