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Hair test soon.. Help!

I was a regular smoker for about 5 months. i quit smoking on nov 14th. Today is dec 11. So i have been clean for around 27 days. I have a hair test coming up and i was wondering a few questions.
1) Can they test facial hair if its long enough?
2) i took a store bought piss test, it showed i was negative. the line was super faint but they said that it is still negative. is that true?
3) now, if question 2 is true.. then would shaving my head or my armpits make new "clean" hair grow in?

I might be taking a hair test in the next 2 weeks, and i’ve been reading up how to beat this shit. so for right now, just as a precaution, i shaved my armpits just in case so that if they grow in quick enough, i could shave everything else so that they pluck the "clean" hair… (i’m hoping the test will be in like 3 weeks to a month..) Does anyone think this will work?

If my hair doesnt grow back in time, im buying propylene glycol off the internet and i will mix it with some baking soda to make a paste, and spread that on the areas that i did not shave..

Well let me know what you guys think and i will try to keep this up-to-date..

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