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Hair Test; Might Get Kicked Out if I Fail

Okay so I was recently given a great opportunity to intern at a company that will pay a lot and really look wonderful on my resume. After the excitement waned, I looked at the fine print and saw that I need to pass a hair follicle drug test. I shouldn’t have even told my parents about it until after the test, but I made that mistake so now they’re really excited and if I fuck this up I’m really afraid they’ll quit paying for me to go to school. They’re very conservative and have no idea I smoke.

Here’s the details: I last smoked on October 30th 2011, the test will not be until mid-March. I am a girl and have since cut my hair into somewhat of a Beiber Cut and am keeping track of the length so I can cut it again in March. I know that if I do this my hair will be clean by the test. I have some concerns, however:

1. My best friends are all stoners. I’m around 2nd hand smoke constantly. Will this cause a false positive? Additionally, if I get drunk one night and take a hit or two will this cause me to test positive? I read that you can have up to 3 small smoke sessions with most major drug testing companies without being over the threshold.

2. Should I have bought new combs, towels and pillowcases? I heard that but I can’t find any information on it.

Thank you so much. I promise I will share the results come March.

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