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Hair Test Advice

I’ve got an upcoming hair test this Tuesday for an amazing job. A little stressed to say the least. (You know it’s a serious job when they require a UA, hair test, complete background including credit report).

A little background on me; 22 years old, 6’2" 170 lbs, fast metabolism. Will be 7 days clean come test day.

Previous smoking history: Smoked everyday to every other day @ 4-6 hits a day? A bowl would normally last me a couple days. I keep my hair short on the normal so they will be pulling from my underarms.

My regimen;

Bleach sitting for 30 minutes in, wash out with T-Gel extra strength x3, followed with Dawn w/ bleach x3, baking soda paste, wash w/ T-Gel. Do this twice before re-dye once and washing out with T-gel x3, dawn x3, baking soda, t-gel.

Doing the above everyday up until test day (test at 10:15am the 13th), on test day waking up early and doing last re-dye w/ above after wash.

Is there anything else I should be doing or shouldn’t be?

Any help is very much appreciated!!

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