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Hair Follicle

Whats up everyone.. For the past two days i have been reading posts from my fellow smokers and let me tell you its like riding a rollercoaster. I read of people who passed their tests and i had high hopes, but then i read of people with failed test and my hopes were demolished. So, im embarking on my own journey on a hair follicle test and instead of going through this alone, im inviting you to come along for the ride with me.
My situation: Im going through a divorce and im trying to get split custody which she wants no part of because she is the spawn of satan
My stats: 5’8, 180lbs, smoked pretty much everyday for about 5 months (nothing great, just reggies) Last smoked Nov 14th

Solution: Well after seeing and reading alot (and i mean ALOT) of posts, i decided to give a shot because i was able to call and get answers from them at 2:00am so i thought what the hell. Well, im going to use the total body cleansing solution, the extreme drug free (everyday user)

Designed for the extreme user who used every single day. This is a 6-day program that cleanses your body of all toxins to pass any urine, blood, hair follicle, or saliva drug test. You will be permanently cleansed and toxin free. Comes with 2 free drug test kits of your choice.

Now i would like to say that i am in no way linked to this company or anything like that, i just wanted to try something different and maybe give people in my situation new hope, because unlike most people where their drug test is for a job, mine is for my daughter.

Plan: Im going to buy this stuff first thing tomorrow, and probably use overnight shipping which in total will cost me around $230. Also, ive heard alot of people who were tested got test by psychemedics, so im going to buy a fucking $60 test from them. In total, i will spend about $300 fucking dollars on this shit, so i hope it works. So im going to follow the directions to the "t" and see what happens.

Whether i pass or fail, im sadden to say that my weed smoking days are over 🙁 I cant go through the pain of maybe losing my daughter ever again.

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