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Had a drug/alcohol evaluation

Hey everyone this is my first post. Been checking out the forum for a while and figured I should join. Today I had a drug/alcohol evaluation. The reasons why are linked to alcohol. I won’t go into detail of it all but the evaluation went great. I had a drug test there as well. I smoked last thursday so I had a week to get clean. I drank tons of water, green tea, took vitamins, creatine supplements, worked out, and had myself some cranberry juice. I took two home drug tests, and passed them. The second was on a day that I had less fluids than the first one and I still passed.

This morning I woke up at 9:30, drank half of an Omni cleansing drink, drank water, green tea, and cranberry juice. I had the evaluation at 1pm and proceeded to pee in the cup afterwards. I do think I will pass considering I passed the two other tests at home. I was wondering does anyone know if they’d notify me if I did fail? I didn’t want to look sketchy and ask. Also does anyone think I actually would fail after the precautions I took plus passing the two other tests? I’m just curious and it’s killing me not knowing yet. Any response relating to this subject would be greatly appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

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