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Got any good advice for a new stoner?

About four months ago I started smokeing weed.Two months ago I got cought by my mom and haven’t been able to get my hands on any.When i did start smokeing weed I dont think I smoked enough to get like blazed,which pissed me off. When I did smoke I kinda felt dizzy and everything seemed like a dream to me,I was also talking to my self in my head…All my friends have told me that everything would be funny and trippy and shit but it wasn’t.Which leads me to beleave that I dident get like super high or whatever.I’m planning on getting about a gram in a couple of days.Sence I got cought by my mom we have moved,not because of the weed because of my dads job.We moved a hour away from my last house.So a new school and all.But I already got some friends I hang with and one used to smoke weed and he knows where to buy it from,so I think Im gona gt him to introduce me to some dealers.

But my real question to all you stoners out there is basically what should I do now? I’m not really a stoner.I dint have a bowl or anything and I want to buy a vaporizer.But I don’t know how to get one and I can’t order it off the Internet because of my parents and sisters (I have three of them). another thing is how could I control my self when I get super high? Like is it possible to be high and around my parents but them not know it? Just give me your advice,thanks 🙂

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