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Getting most from my vaporizer

I recently purchased an Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. Here is a little background info, my boyfriend and I recently started smoking together. We love being high, but don’t love the smoke, or the smoke smell in our house, and don’t want to go outside. So our solution was the vaporizer. My boyfriend and I use it daily and love it.We never smoke anymore. We both feel very high from and have been enjoying it, we also use way less weed to get high, however when our friends, who are regular daily smokers claim they don’t get very high from our vaporizer.

It’s my understanding that using a vaporizer is supposed to be much better, high-wise, than smoking. I think I personally get higher from the vaporizer, but maybe its because I don’t love smoke and maybe because I have a lower tolerance or something I know I don’t get anywhere near the high I get from eating baked goods.

I am concerned I am not doing something right, and that I am not getting the most from my vaporizer. I want myself and my super stoner friends to be blitzed when they come to my house. Can anyone direct me to a site, or tell me how you use your extreme q to get the best results? Thanks!

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