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From Turkey looking for a dealer

Hey folks,

I ve been living in this city called: Eskisehir for 1 years or so. I use to live in Canada, Toronto. Before that, but then my mom sent me with my dad because of weed. -_- Anyways, its so fucking hard for me to find weed here! I go to a private high school, and i only know one stoner kid and he tells me the police raded and i cant find it anymore too. I heard of this place called (Kuyu başı) 30 minutes away with a bus from where i live. I got ripped off, they gave me a 10 dollar bagweed for 20 .. mother fuckers.

Is there any one that has ever been in the city Eskisehir ? (Turkey)

Or if u have any good advice in finding a dealer down here. I go to another city (Ankara) to get weed but thats every month and i could only get like 6-7 grams because i know many dealers there but its 2 hours away with a fast train. But i want to find a dealer here, in the city i live in right now. Please help if u can, thanks for stopping bye. 🙂


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