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Freaking Out after using QuickFix at Quest for Pre-Employment Test

Last week I had a spur of the moment interview for a excellent job. The next day an HR recruiter called with an offer contingent on passing a 5/50 urine test at Quest Diagnostics within 48 hours and a background check.

As a daily smoker, and no one to substitute I ordered Quick Fix Plus from Spectrum Lab’s website and had it sent next day. I practiced with the bottle in my undies and worked on getting the temp right. I tried it on a home THC test from CVS with no problem.

On Thursday morning I went into Quest and was relieved that I was the only one there so no waiting. Temp was perfect walking in the door. The only person working there, a young woman, seemed pretty indifferent about her job and really didn’t even look at me. I made sure to dress up nicely.

She led me to the back of the office where there were two bathrooms. She had me wash my hands and sent me in to one of the bathrooms and explained not to flush and that the water in the sink was turned off. The vent fan was so loud in the bathroom so I was confident she couldn’t hear a thing. I took out the bottle, the temp strip looked good, filled the sample cup to the line and poured the remainder into the toilet.

I came out of the bathroom, handed over my sample and she checked that it was within the temperature range. She placed it into a baggie which she had me initial. I did ask how long results would take to get back to my employer and she said no longer than 72 hours but she didn’t seem all with it.

The HR recruiter asked me to call after the test. I gave her a call and let her know I had completed it, she said there was nothing else I had to do but show up to work on my start date of January 16th. This was about an hour after the test so I doubt she had the results. The next day I received a New Employee Welcome Kit with the offer letter but it was mailed before the test. I freaked yesterday after getting a call from the recruiter but she was just asking for my College’s address for my graduate transcript.

So test was on Thursday, its Tuesday night and I’m totally freaking out. I know no news is good news, but am I in the clear here? I would love to tell my family about my new job but it would be devastating to get news that I failed after making an announcement. Has anyone had recent success at Quest with Quick Fix Plus? How long before I can breath easy, do I need to wait until I actually start work in 4 weeks? Would I have been contacted by now if there was any problems with the synthetic? Thanks!!

p.s. I will update everyone when or if I hear anything back or after I start my job. If this works our than Quick Fix will definitely get a glowing recommendation from me!

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