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Freaking Out after using QuickFix at Quest for Pre-Employment Test

Hello All!

Maybe some here can give some comforting words of encouragement as I am absolutely freaking out. I was laid off from a company about a year ago and had the opportunity to return into a great job after relocating to a new state. I had my interview and received a phone call the next day from the HR recruiter who provided me an offer based on the condition of passing a drug test and background check. She set a start date of January 16th. I was given 48 hours to test at Quest Diagnostics.

Immediately I freaked over the test, this company had never tested in the past and implemented a new drug screen policy shortly after the layoff. I was ordered to take a Urine 5/50 GC/MS test. I smoke every night so immediately decided that I needed a substitute due to the small window of time. Without someone to provide a sample for me, I ordered and had overnighted a bottle of QuickFix Plus synthetic urine from the Spectrum Labs website.

I practiced the night before the test and got comfortable smuggling the bottle around in my undies while keeping the temp. I also tried the synthetic on a home test kit with no problems. I was relieved when I got to Quest Diagnostics on Thursday morning that I was the only one there. Temp was perfect before walking in. The young woman working there didn’t even look at me the entire time I was there, she appeared to be pretty indifferent to her job. We immediately walked back to a pair of bathrooms where she had my wash my hands. She explained to give a sample and not to flush and that the water to the sink was off.

The vent fan in the bathroom was in desperate need of repair so I am certain no one could hear a thing as I filled the sample cup to the line and poured the remainder into the toilet. Afterwards I handed over the sample, she checked that it was in the right temp range, placed the sample in a baggie and had me initial it. I asked typically how long the results take and she said no longer than 72 hours. Although she didn’t seem to be all with it.

The HR recruiter asked me to give her a call after the test. I rang her up after right leaving Quest and she said that I’m all set, nothing else is needed on my end except to begin work on January 16th. No way she would have gotten results in less than an hour! The next day I received my new employee Welcome Kit that was mailed before the test.

Here I am on Tuesday and have not heard anything about my test. I know no news is good news, but am I definitely or most likely in the clear here? I would love to tell my family about my new job before Christmas! Just really freaked out over all of this, I will certainly keep everyone updated if anything happens or when I start my job. If this works I will certainly give a glowing recommendation for QuickFix Plus. Anyone recently use QuickFix at Quest successfully? Thanks!!

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