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Freakin out here!

Hello! Newbie here. I am a 24 year old female that desperately needs to succeed in subbin some urine. like any new poster thats trying to find a way to pass a drug test, I am terrified, more of fumbling in the bathroom and making myself look obvious then anyhting. I’m new at this but have been on here lurking for the past few days trying to jot down tips as well as pro’s & con’s of the different ways of subbing. Subbing is my only choice. I smoke almost daily & my dream job called saying i had til tomorrow to take a drug test to get the job, sending all my hopes and dreams down the toilet lol. But I’ve been practicing and I’m going to give this subbing thing a try and pray that it will be successful. One problem I do have however is all i have are lubricated condoms. I researched this on the website and found a few threads that pertained to the issue but nothing too in depth (or maybe I didnt search well enough).:shrug::shrug: If anyone has any tips or friendly advice it would be much appreciated (also i do not have a thermometer that doesnt beep). Im sure everyone is getting tired of writing the same reply to new threads, but if someone could let me know that using lubricated condoms (after trying to get lubrication off) will be ok.~ I apologize in advance if I have not yet met any posting criteria required for this site.~

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