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Floridians (edit for other states) send this to your Reps – easy sign and send

You can send this to your Reps on a simple sign and send: (can be edited for other states)


You can give me a Merry Christmas by telling me HJR 353 and SJR 1028 for the medicinal use of cannabis have been scheduled for a hearings, moved in committee, or is gaining momentum to pass.

For the holidays, please consider what life might be like if your family member had cancer, or some other dibilitating disease and cannabis was the one medication that could truly help their symptoms, not just leave them bed ridden, as so many chemical pharmaceutical do.

For many that is the case. Safe legal access to this important medicine would make a huge differece in so many lives.

I ask you, what if it was your family member? Wouldn’t you want safe legal access? Please act on this issue to protect your family members and friends, and mine too.


Read and sign it at Florida Decides – Take Action

Thank you for taking action!

12 thoughts on “Floridians (edit for other states) send this to your Reps – easy sign and send

  1. Ms. SCHULTZ’ comments below are “Bang-on”… there is coenbdsraile scientific evidence that marihuana use by teenagers carries the increased risk of the development of schizophrenia… which is precisely why the legalization and strict regulation of this product is required ASAP. Under NO circumstances should our party be perceived to be endorsing/advocating this product’s widespread use. With relatively rare, yet notable, exceptions (ie. glaucoma, anorexia, cancer, Alzheimer’s) this recreational drug poses health risks and thereby must be appropriately “policed” via regulation to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to restrict its access to individuals who have attained a minimum specified age (25 yrs?)… Will these measures prevent a teenager from gaining access to this product? Hell, no. But if it’s purchased legitimately through the local WCBO :-), as a parent, you will probably sleep better at night knowing that it hasn’t been “angel dusted” by the local street-level dealer who wants his customers buying his PCP. Ms. SCHULTZ points out that… “Families in this country are looking for leadership that recognizes their responsibilities as the educators and nurturers of their children”… I couldn’t possibly agree more with this statement. It is our number one obligation as parents to ensure our children are provided with the utmost opportunity to be successful in ultimately attaining their dreams – whatever form those dreams take.Legalization & regulation further ensures that our kids don’t arbitrarily become instant criminals for simple possession of a lousy joint!!! How many parents out there can speak to the results of having their kids’ aspirations for their futures completely shattered as a result of being labeled a criminal for simple possession of marihuana?? We need to hear from you people in this very important discussion, folks! “There, but for the grace of God, go I”… in 1983, I was interviewed for my job in policing… one of the first questions posed by this professional interviewer dealt with my use of any drugs… upon my admission to minimal use of grass & hashish during my university years, I asked him point blank if this interview was now effectively “over”, to which he replied… “Mistakes I can live with – dishonesty is unacceptable”… the interview continued.As I mentioned in my earlier post, this resolution ultimately requires PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT to properly address this issue to our fellow Canadians. In the interim, we need considerably more input into this very important discussion in an effort to raise its profile within our fast-approaching convention. Best to all…dm

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