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First time drug test-taker in need of advice!

So you know where I am coming from here is a little about myself:

I am 5" ft 7, 190lbs, 24 yrs old, probably a slower metabolism and am a heavy pot user. I have been smoking for about 10 yrs now almost ever other day if not every day. As far as the past thirty days, I had still been smoking heavy except for the past week. I did have a couple battys yesterday, though. I am currently not working out, but as a waitress/bartender my job consists of some physically demanding work.

I was just recently informed that upon intake I need to be able to pass a drug screening for entry to a CIP SATOP 4 week program that I am hoping to be completed before my next court date on Feb. 8th. (as to eventually get my license back!)

Looking at a calendar, I’ve realized that before January 6th I need to be "clean" which gives me about 17 days from now to be able to do this.

I am willing and able to do just about anything to better my situation yet if it is unlikely I do not want to waste my resources. I can then just wait it out and at least start the program right before my court date, which is better than going there with nothing.

To cut to the chase; here are my questions:

How long would it take me until I could take a test and it come up clean? What can I do to better my chances of a successful clean urine test? Can I just sweat it out and workout everyday? Are there any products in the market that work better than others or any combination of things I can do in 17 days?

I would appreciate any and all feedback. If you have suggestions about good products or even ones to stay away from please inform me. I am hoping to stay away from any synthetic urine just in case I would need to produce a sample in front of a witness, as I have heard this does happen. If I can complete my SATOP program and after this last court date as long as there are no more "hoops" I am hoping to move to Germany in the end of February, hence why timelyness is important.

Thank you
Sincerely Freedom

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