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Female Drug Test Story

In the 10+ years that I’ve been working I have never had to take a drug test for pre-employment. That recently changed with very little notice ahead of time. I scoured the web for information and these forums were extremely helpful. I wanted to pass along my experience in hopes of paying it forward.

I am approximately 140lbs 5’7" and normally pretty active, but had an accident earlier this year that caused me to be couch bound for about 7 months which slowed my metabolism. I smoke 2-3 times a day – almost always 7 days week.

I quit smoking for 2 days before I was required to test on the 3rd day. Those 2 days prior I did not do anything without a bottle of water in my hand. I stopped taking all prescription medications as to free up my liver and went to the gym each evening with a girlfriend for an hour of straight "fat-burning" workouts (as described by the workout equipment) and continued to stay hydrated. On my 2nd day of not smoking I was given the paperwork that I needed to take to LabCorp for my test and was allowed a 24 hour window in which to do so. I immediately drove to my local headshop and bought Detoxify brand Ready Clean for Women herbal cleanse (Cran-Tea Flavor $31.95).

I woke up the next morning and took the drink @ 9:00 AM.
Filled the 16 oz container with water and waited 15 minutes as instructed before chugging the entire thing.
I waited until I had the sensation to urinate… went ahead and did so… then re-filled the bottle and drank it again.
I waited another hour or so and re-filled and drank another container full.

Total = 48 oz of water after chugging the actual cleanser.

I went to bathroom probably every 20 minutes until I walked out the door to go test and even then was about to explode while waiting to give my sample.

The website gives you a 5 hour "clean" window.

I tested at 11:30 AM. (2 1/2 hours after first opening and taking the "drink".)

One thing I wanted to include that I was unable to find on any forum was that my urine was almost CRYSTAL CLEAR. It had only the tiniest tinge of yellow to it and could easily have been mistaken for a glass of water if it were sitting on a counter in the open. This made me panic, but there was nothing to be done about it. Also, I did recall my mom mentioning once that you can always tell if you’re unhealthily dehydrated based on the color of your pee, so that was a slight comfort.

I tested on Tuesday and was notified today (Friday) that I start on Monday… So 48 hours for the job to be notified that my test came back Negative (Free and clear!).

Hope this helps!

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