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Extreme Q 4.0 or Herbalaire H2.1

Hi all,

I keep going back and forth between these two vapes, and I’ve read as much as I can on both. I have a few questions to help me finalize my decision, and I need your input! Right now I’ve just been diligently using my MFLB, but I need an upgrade/home vape.

1.) How is the whip mode on the Herbalaire vs. the Extreme Q? I hear that the Extreme Q whip excels and the Herbalaire can be cumbersome. Is this accurate?

2.) Does the Herbalaire fill bags with higher density vapor, and is it generally more effective in the bag department?

3.) Has anyone found a work around for the lack of bag valve on either of these? I read something about a water bottle valve for the Q, or a camelbak bite valve, but couldn’t find the supposed video that showed how to do this. The lack of locking valve is really a downside on both of these vapes.

4.) In terms of efficiency, (i.e., amount of herbs used), how superior is the Herbalaire? I like to save as much money by using as little of my herbal blends as possible.

Thanks so much! I’ve been going back and forth for months!

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