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Exactly 3 sessions (5-6 hits) in 90 days

Hello, sorry if this seems similar to some other posts already started but I have been searching this forum for the past 16 hours STRAIGHT! I have yet to find a post with results on a situation similar to mine.

Me: Average metabolism, 5"9 165lbs don’t work out but not a couch potato

History: smoked weed 3 times in past 90 days two of which were right at 90 day mark (beginning of September 2011) and the last time was the beginning of October. Each time was only 5-6 hits. Once from a bong (last time) and twice from a glass pipe.

Hair: I have thick hair about shoulder length. I have severely damaged it a few years back and I have spent a lot of time and money to restore it. In the past 90 days I have professionally had it clarified and done Redkin treatments (restoring the hair). I also dye it every 5-6 weeks (I keep it bright ass red). Last time I dyed it on October 31st and I used a hair dye stripper called color oops. I am so worried that I may have to destroy my hair to pass this test.

I have applied to a job at the casino, and as you all know they do hair testing. I am still waiting to hear from them after doing my pre-employment background (which I am sure will be fine). I should know tomorrow or Monday when they want me to come in to do the hair test and finial background check.

I am just wondering if I should be worried and do any treatments? I would prefer to avoid it if possible. I plan to do normal maintenance of my hair with a stripper and dye tomorrow (just because it REALLY needs it!). I worry that showing up to test with really damaged hair would make me look guilty when I really have nothing to worry about? My hair gets really bad when I use bleach (did it a lot in high school). Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you!

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