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Drug test for probo, please help!

Ok so my apartment got raided and they took over $1000 dollars in pieces 🙁 and now i am about to be on probation for a year. I go to Purdue University so thats where i got busted and i didnt wanna tell my parents so the prosecutor is letting me start my probo on January 10th 2012. I have been smoking about 3-4 times a day for about a year but obviously now i stopped. Im almost positive that i will have to take a test the day i start my probo. What kinds of things can i do to get this out of my system by then?

Recap: Piss test is most likely on January 10th

I’m 140 lbs about 5’11" and a guy, heavy smoker

What things can i do to clean my system? I’d rather not buy an expensive detox drink, but if i have to, i will.

Anyone with a history of probation tell me if you get tested the first day of probo?

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