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Drug Screen

I didn’t get a response from my post in the DILUTION tips n tricks sticky, so I’ll try again.

I’ve been given an internship offer on Monday, and they asked that day for me to get a screen in 72 hours, however I’m delaying as I’ve been busy with finals this week. The third party recruiter Spherion wants to send me to a lab in town, so I want to attempt dilution.

21 M 6’1" 175 lift but don’t run, got muscles but a layer of blub, decent metabolism
Daily smoker, no more than 0.25g or a couple bowls, an 1/8th lasts me 2 weeks
Last smoked 80 hours ago
been creatine and fatass loading since Monday while being a sloth, ugh lovehandles

I used the dilution technique today on a FirstCheck Home Test with only gatorade and b complexes over a 3 hour period, but I have the asprin and tums on hand for test day. I got the faintest of a line for the drug, so I guess I passed just barely? My mother is concerned that they could use gas chromotography, but from what I read that is only to confirm non negative preliminaries. I prolly have another 2 days at least till I take it, so do I have good chances if I try to dilute at lab test?

Thanks for your guys time. Any knowledgeable and honest responses are greatly appreciated

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