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Does the 3 Session limit still apply?

Hello friends. First of all before recent events I haven’t smoked since July, so it has been a long time. I just recently smoked 4 good bong hits about 4 days ago. I have a concert coming up soon and want to smoke before it. The thing is I have a random drug hair test and I could be tested anywhere between January-May. If I only smoke these 2 times? should i be under the radar if I was to be tested soon? I’ve read that this 3 sessions in 90 days rule works but I’m not sure if that is outdated or what because every other forum there is a different response. Could someone please let me know if the 3 sessions in 90 days rule is still good.

Ideally, I would like to smoke at the concert, smoke another time, and then I have already smoked 4 days ago. So that would be about 6 months clean from June, then smoked 3 times in a span of about 2 or so weeks.

I could be random hair tested starting about January 15- may so I’d like to know if I were to be tested at any time would I pass.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, I need a straight answer. if advised, maybe i will only smoke one more time i just need to know. Thanks!

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