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Detoxing – 90 days to pass


My stats: female/ 23/ 5 ft 4 / 115 lbs/ several times a day smoker.

I just wanted to post a bit of a warning really. I read everything on the interwebs which said that as a chronic user I would pass a 50ng test in anthing between a week and 3 months – so I took 1.5 months as an average (but allowed 2 months until my test). I thought people who said 1 week were probably light smokers, and people who took 3 months were heavy people.

Basically passing was a nightmare. It took my boyfriend just two weeks (he smoked less) but I didn’t get a line for 89 days (lost visa, job etc). I ended up exercising, green teaing, lecithining, psyllium husking etc – but who knows if anything worked really.

One possible reason I considered is that women have a higher fat content? (the machine I stood on suggested 17% body fat).

Anyway – tl;dr – just beware that no one’s average…

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