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Daily Smoker concerned about urine test and various "Detox Products".

Hi, I was recently layed off and at my previous employer we didn’t have any drug testing. So now I’m in the job hunting market again, I don’t really plan on abstinence because with my luck it would be like my job before the last where after an interview I had to go within 2 hours to take a piss test at a lab. Luckily for me at that time I wasn’t a marijuana smoker so it wasn’t a problem so if that were to happen to me now I know I’d be screwed.

I’ve read up about a few of the products available on the market and would like to pick one up so that I have it on standby so that if that were to happen again I’d be able to drive home and take my kit and show up at the last minute to pee.

I’ve checked into Super CleanP through DrugTestDave’s link, Rescue ICE, And a few others at my local head shop and was wondering if anybody would recommend based upon personal experiences what worked the best for them? I’d really appreciate any help with this as I’ve never had to deal with it before.

And if by chance I don’t get hit with a same day test, but something that is scheduled out would you still recommend going with a detox kit, or going for a creatine/vitamin b combo instead? I’d rather play it safe then sorry(without quitting smoking of course) so if it means paying for a detox drink I’d rather ensure my safety!

Thanks for your help guys(and gals)!!

Incase this ends up as a repost because of a delay with the original one not appearing I apologize in advance.. ! In the event of a short notice urine test I was wondering what product based upon personal use you felt worked best. I’ve read online a little about Super CleanP, and my local headshop had Detox ICE and a few others, as well as guides about loading up on creatine and vitamin b if it was scheduled a few days in advance. But that wouldn’t be something that’s an option. I know with some of the products they tell you to take it with a bunch of water, make sure you go once or twice before you take the test and then you’ll be clear for up to a few hours after that. So with that in mind, any suggestions or help please guys(and gals)? I’d rather play it safe then sorry with trying to create something myself.

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