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Creatinine Worries

So I’m on 6 months of probo for getting caught with a couple dimmys when I was still a minor.. Anyway, so my p.o. doesnt test me for 2 months and a week ago I came home to a letter telling me to go in on the 22nd for testing. I stopped toking 4 days ago and I have 9 more days before I get tested. I am 150 lbs and 5’10. I was a daily smoker burning at least 1-2 gs a day of fire. Whats the likelihood of me passing without dilution? And if I do substitute food with liquids for the remainder of the 9 days, will I be asked to retake the test for dilution? I’m nervous because I was supposed to get a year and got off easy with 6 months and a deferred disposition. If I violate even once though, I go back to having a full year. Thanks for you help πŸ™‚

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