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Cough Not Going Away… Caused By Marijuana?

So I have this cough I got around last Saturday/Sunday, the past 3-4 nights before that I had smoked a good amount of pot. I’m just now getting into buying weed so I’ve only been smoking somewhat regularly since around the middle of November. For the first couple days of having the cough I was able to cough up some mucus or w/e you would expect to see with having crap in your lungs, it was a darkish green, like barely darker than a lugie, it seemed like a pretty normal color. Since around Tuesday I haven’t been able to cough anything up but I still get that rattling when I breathe in as if there is still stuff in the lungs that needs to be coughed up, I can cough really hard and still have nothing come up. All this even after taking Mucinex. I stopped smoking as soon as I got the cough by the way (Just until the cough is gone or resolved). The thing I’m most curious about is that I still get that feeling of being high sometimes, for example I’ll cough a lot and then it will feel like I didn’t just cough, like the typical memory loss type of thing when your high. I know you’re supposed to get some sort of hangover or something if you smoke late at night but it’s been a week and I still get that memory loss type of feeling as I type this. All I want to hear is that I’m not dying, lol. I’ve been drinking normal tea and coffee and stuff, obviously the tea is pretty soothing but it doesn’t stop the cough. Since I’ve started smoking I’ve smoked out of a can, my guess would be around 6-10 times. I know it’s not healthy, that’s why the past few times I smoked out of a potato. Pretty hilarious.. but better than a can. Any information on what’s up would be much appreciated. Should I continue to avoid smoking? I would rather be able to smoke if it won’t contribute to my cough. The reason I think it’s the weed that is causing the cough is because I have absolutely zero symptoms of any kind of sickness. I simply have a cough, no pain in the throat, no runny nose, sneezing or anything. The cough doesn’t hurt. Also the fact that I’m not coughing anything up makes me suspect the weed. Sorry for any ignorance in this post, I’m not an avid weed smoker 😉

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