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Complete Harvest Disaster on Christmas

I was slated to harvest this week. My plants overall looked good with few problems. Then I had a family emergency for several days. I had hung up a few plants with the intention of trimming right away. Then they dried to the point of being crumbly (I live in a low humidity desert). I just turned these beautiful crystally buds into shake. I did salvage several plants.

I added some green leaf to the overly dried buds in a curing jar with the hope that a little moisture will fix them.

Even though I’ll have more bud than my wife and I can smoke, vape, or cook with in an entire year…its not the pretty quality that I purchase in the store. I’m so disappointed to have my first harvest not turn out as pretty as I wanted.

I watched a ton of youtube videos and it helped…but I did not know how much time and care and work was needed to process my plants with no help or expertise in person.

I’m starting 10 plants on the 17th of January if I can get my stuff together…but while I know I can grow healthy plants…I don’t want to F up the harvest again.

I’m really just venting, but if anyone has some hints how to not get overwhelmed by the work involved in processing several plants at the same time and alone, please let me know.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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