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Changing your fate in life?

Ive hit the point in my lfie..where I just need to change it.

My current status? In a child placement center, where my perception of reality that is already screwed to hell becomes worse when I get that short home visit.

I realized tonght, actually a few hours to. I go hang out with this girl that I like oh so much and shes like you can stay here tonight, I live like 30 seconds down the road by walking. I was laying down next to her and just chillin talking to her and my moms called and flips out like I’ve never heard her before, and screaming I better come home..I told her ill be home in like an hour when it hits daylight and I didn’t wanna get outta bed before waking someone up, she threatened to come beat down her door to get me home, i live 30 god damn seconds away?!

I walked home and she cursed me and everything…I told her if she cant trust me being happy for once and forgetting about this placement crap for just a few moments all while being 30 seconds away, then I’m done with her.

This is not about weed, or any other drugs, im not worried about that right now. I’m worried about being happy for once and forgetting about this fucked up situation of being in a pacement center for many more months to come..what can I do? It seems like theres nothing.

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