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Can I sue my arresting officer?


So – on November 1st, I get 15 pigs run down my house like they are in search for a diamond in Africa. My roommate at that time was shifting ounces per week and the cops had gotten insight on his situation when the DUMBFUCK received 3 ounces using USPOST (atleast use fucking fedex dumbass). Best part, he mailed it to himself from 40 miles away. His fucking logic was that he felt safer on the road… oh my god. I still can’t come to terms with this fucking stupidity.

Anyway, so when the cops come into my house guns blaring thinking they are the mafia. I opened the door to these fine gentlemen and lay on the floor as they handcuffed me nice and easy. My roommate got raped by the cops, and they took me and other roommate outside while they searched all of our rooms.

Now, in my room they found a fucking joint that I had smoked the night before with like less than fucking 0.2g’s. They also found some weed scattered on the floor… on the police report they found 1.4 GRAMS. ON MY FUCKING FLOOR?! That’s fucking impossible cause I’m a downright Jew when it comes to my weed, and trust me, I would have fucking noticed if there was 1.4 grams of weed just chilling on my floor. The pictures from the "crime" scene on my floor is weed that is the same found in my roommates bag.

So, I get charged with possession of Marijuana – less than one ounce. I am a international student in Georiga. I go to art school so forgive me for smoking pot, bitchfuckpopo shit. Anyway, So i go to jail – here’s a picture of my mugshot for amusement - I come back from jail, and I talk with my parents and what not, they get a light of the situation i got into. They’re pissed, I’m pissed, and my roommate is fucked lol.

But, my dad does what he feels he has to in order to help me out. He hires Georgia’s best attoney to look after my case. My court date is on the 13th of January. I’ve already completed DUI school (I don’t know why, my lawyer said it’ll help me). I’ve completed clinical counseling for it to look good at court. I am pretty certain that my lawyer will bring the charge down to a conditional discharge for sure – but he is aiming for a disorderly conduct. He has a lot of weight in the courts in Savannah and was a drug judge before so I’m pretty sure he’s going to do it.

Side note: when i was in jail – 7 days later i took a drug test and tested negative cause i ordered some fake urine of the Internet. So, I have some sort of "liable" evidence that I "don’t" smoke weed. I know it takes less than 7 days for it to leave your system but it’s something.

So, here’s what I wanted to ask. Can i sue the police officer for placing me under arrest cause hes a fucking racist. Both of my other two roommates (both american) had weed in their rooms and one of them ever had pills in a ziplock bag. That still pisses me off to this day. Can i say that the officer was unlawful because the weed could have been anybody’s? There was a little get together at our house the night before and people did enter my room. I understand that it was in my possession but I have a legal document saying that I don’t smoke weed 7 days after the arrest. I never admitted that the weed ever belonged to me. My roommate was fucking selling – and he also admitted to the fact that ALL THE WEED in the house was HIS.

I want to take this to JUDGE JUDY… 😀 she’ll rape me sideways, but it’ll be funny as fuck.

I’m making a movie about this btw: THE EMBASSY’S LUNCHBOX – Home – it’s gonna release in march!

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