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Buying some glass for a self x-mas present

Ok so I have posts about this in the not quite threadworthy thoughts thread, but I’m not really getting too many replies on it. Guess you guys should check that thread more often.

Anyways i’m lookin at getting my first glass bong as a christmas present for myself and I have several choices so far. and I think you guys’ll like these bongs.

This would be my first choice.

Black Leaf ‘Flaming Skull’ Percolator Bong-Blue Dome Perc – Online Shop

Second choice is another black leaf.

Black Leaf Percolator Bong – Clear Beaker 6 Arm Tree Percolator – Online Shop

Third choice is this 250mL Ehle.

EHLE Glass – Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) – 250ml – Online Shop

4th Choice is yet another black leaf.

Black Leaf Percolator Bong-Blue Double Dome Perc – Online Shop

5th is yet again… A black leaf.

Black Leaf – 4-arm Perc Ice Bong – Ashcatcher – Black – Bongs & Waterpipes – Smoking Pipes –

Now I’m lookin for opinions on my choices so it’s all open to criticism, etc. (Numbers correspond to order or choices)

1. I’ve looked at this bong for probably almost a year. I like it every time I see it.

2. Really like this one and would probably be getting it, but it’s out of stock and don’t know for how long.

3. This is basically the back up plan if I don’t get as much money as I intend to for x-mas.

4. Really like the double perc on this one and it looks clean as fuck too.

5. Love the looks on this one, and it meets my stealth requirement of a short bong. Gotta keep the sucka in a closet out of sight so the smaller the better.

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