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Buying my First Vaporizer, how do I choose!?

Looking on this forum has helped me get a general idea of what I should be looking for but I’m still not sure, so I figured some direct answers would help me out a lot.

I’ve been looking around online and locally for a vaporizer but it really hit me that while I know how to use one, I don’t know very much about what makes a good or bad vaporizer. My price range is 150-300$ Max. I don’t really want to spend that much more on one, but I don’t know what the best vaporizer is available for me in that range.

I looked online and I’m thinking about the Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer or V-Tower Digital by the same.

I need the vapor to be odorless and while I’m 90% sure this is the case in general, I’m not sure because I’ve never had just the vaporizer in the room, there’s always been smoke too.

I smoke socially, anywhere from 0 to 20 times a week, and portability is nice, but from what I do understand is that the portable vaporizers are nowhere as good as the cable ones.

Can anyone help me figure out the best Vaporizer for me, or tell me what to look for and point me in the right direction?


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