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Burnt out feeling

Recently, every time i smoke i feel so burnt out afterwords, and sometimes while im high. Its not very enjoyable and actually makes me depressed for a few days after :(((. Weed didnt use to do this to me, but now it does.

I have to take 15mg XR Adderall everyday for my ADD, but when i smoke i usually dont take my pill. Maybe thats why i feel so burnt out, because i dont take my pill, which is a stimulant. The weed and lack of daily stimulant MAYBE makes me feel extreemely burnt out. Idk, but since i started taking Adderall, i feel burnt out. I have thought about quitting because the days after smoking are not enjoyable at all, but i dont want to quit. I only smoke about once every 2 weeks btw.

Help please!

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