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building grow box **QUESTION**

Howdy do there fellow followers. SononiZ here, from America with a few question regarding on my first indoor grow box that i am building from scratch

just so you can get an idea/image in your head of where i am trying to go with this – – –
– – – I currently purchased some wood from my local hardware store, and made some measurments so i can make a box whos LENGTH and WIDTH is 1.5ft(18 inches), and whos HIEGHT is 3ft(36 inches).

I want to use a 5 gallon bucket with a hydro system as a method of choice to grow my plants (1-3 plants in the 5 gal bucket)

now my QUESTION is regarding the whole lighting part of the project
I want to be safe when i choose my lights for my box, i want to prevent any fires from happening in my wooden box,and from burning the plant.. but i also want TOP of the line lighting for my plants inside the box (the change in my monthly cost for electricity bill shouldnt be a problem)

I would like to know from previous growers with experience, which lights did you use in your box? and how to you place your fans in the box to keep tempurature nice and cool

Remember my box is 3 feet tall and could fit a 5 gal bucket.. still leaving a rough estimate of 2 feet from the ceiling in my box to the top of the bucket

also would i have to build another small box to start and transfer them in this bigger box? or can i start to finish grow in the same box with the same lights

I just want a really good and mint grow, so any help is appreicated

Your new follower

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