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Hey everyone. I had kind of an oddball question. I have a hair follicle test coming up next monday, the 19th.

On september 12th, I smoked once in the morning, and had a brownie at night. Ive done a bunch of research saying that you can smoke up to 3 times and usually pass. My question is, how does eating a brownie compare to one smoking session? When you ingest brownies it seems ilke the high lasts longer, which seems to hint that the THC is in your system for longer. Does this lead to a higher level of thc in hair follicles?

Another question I had was about the decay of TCH in hair follicles over time. Would smoking 3 hits 90 days ago register the same has having had smoked 3 hits 30 days ago? Or do some of the metabolites fade from the hair follicle over time?

Thanks guys

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