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Blacking out after smoking weed..why?

First time I smoked weed, my bf and I split half a joint. Around 5mins after smoking, things looked kind of sparkly, and I felt dizzy. I was outside with my bf and I was offered water; I took a few sips. A few mins later, everything looked like it was a cartoon! Trees had a thick black outline, and my bf looked like he was a comic book character. I was beginning to get scared. Things started having a thicker and thicker black outline, until everything turned black and I couldn’t see. I couldn’t stand, my bf had to hold me up. I remained in that state for 1min, and after that things started clearing up and I felt okay.

Every time it happens I feel like I’m going to die, and my skin goes completely white, my lips go purple, and the area under my eyes also goes purple. I look like a zombie.

The second time this happened to me, I’ve been smoking for about 8 months. Were using a bong. I took a TINY hit. After, we went inside and I sat down. I could tell that something wasn’t right. I just felt weird. I didn’t take deep breaths because my lungs really burnt. I went upstairs with my bf, and I went to the bathroom to pee & have some water, I couldn’t pee…then I became very sensitive to sounds, and I felt really slow. Shortly after I got a fuzzy feeling and I knew I was going to black out again. I barely managed to get the door unlocked, & THANK GOD my bf was waiting for me outside the door and caught me. Everything slowly went completely black, and I couldn’t hold myself up. I was terrified! I kept on leaning forwards and backwards as if I had no control over my body, and my bf kept on trying to get me to stand up straight. I was like this for about 4-5 mins. I was sort of aware of what was going on around me, but I couldn’t walk or talk, I tried to but apparently I didn’t make any sense. After about 4mins, things started clearing up a , and I could just see the outline of things, like a door and bed, in neon purple, everything else was still black…I went to lie down, and slowly felt better, but the sensitivity to sound remained. A heating vent near my head made it sound like I was on an airplane.

Do any of you know why this happened..possible causes? this is not a joke.

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