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Bad experience for a first-time user

So last night I got high for the first time. I’m not much of a smoker, so it was never a very appealing activity, but my housemate offered me a weed muffin and I figured I’d give it a try. I had two big bites of it and waited about a half hour to feel anything. By the time it had taken full effect about an hour later, I was NOT feeling well. It started with a lot of muscle twitches and spazms, especially in my legs, to the point that it was pretty uncomfortable to lay still. However, anytime I moved my head I felt dizzy and sometimes waves of nausea would accompany it. Plus, cottonmouth didn’t help me feel any better. It was like being sick with the flu, but having less control over my body. About two hours later it was just so overwhelming and uncomfortable I decided I’d just go to bed. I got up to brush my teeth and on the way back to my room I was so dizzy I couldn’t figure out how to open my bedroom door and ended up passing out and hitting my head on the wall. Woke up a few seconds later and somehow gathered the strength to get up and get into bed. It’s been about 15 hours since eating the muffin, and I still feel a little dizzy/weak/high and am still experiencing a few muscle spasms. Did I do something wrong? Is this normal for a someone’s first time? Did I eat too much?

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