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another newb with light questions

hello all
this is truly my first attempt at growing,
yes i,m growing my first plants,
i already have two clones which are 12" tall now,
and i just bought some just rooted clones today,
right now i have them in isolation,
i,m using kitchen under counter led lights for the babys,
and kitchen spot lights for the 12" ones,
so until my real lights show up all i can do is set this room up ready for growing
i really have three questions here,
1/ i ordered some 12"x12" led grow lights they are 225 bulbs multi colored,
rated at 50-60 hz are the giving enough wave lengths?

2/ my grow room/ closet floor that i,m setting up the temp is 60 deg,
i,m on a crawl space, heated floor pad? any suggestions?
3/ whats the recommended light time before i cut back for blossom?
i would appreciate any helpful input

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