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Another new portable…Arizer Solo???

Hey guys did you check this one out?
Arizer Solo | Vaporizer Reviews and Info

They are claming to be the best portable device with a test between it and the whisper…but who knows

taken from the website:


The Arizer Solo delivers dense, smooth vapor that you could easily be confused with vapor generated by a premium table top vaporizer, like the Extreme Q for example. The Wispr on the other hand, while better than most, has a of an airy feel to its vapor. Both vaporizers are effective but the Wispr by Iolite produces thinner vapor overall leaving the Solo as the more efficient vaporizer and clear winner in this category.

has anyone tried it yet? I’ve seen it for 230$ which is cheaper than the WHISPER…I’m leaning to give up my MFLB (I got an unused if anyone wants)

edit: sorry for this … u can marge it with the original thread

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