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Amazing idea

ok, just thought of the single greatest stoner idea. so everybody has heard of the new thc e-cigs that use a glycerine based tincture to house the vaped thc. you can go buy plain glycerine from a cvs or riteaid and either use it to refill an ecig with non potent smoke OR with a high potency tincture to f*ck you up! here’s where the genious comes in… suppose that you got an ounce of weed and got 28oz of glycerine. (generally .5-1 gram of weed to 1 oz of glycerine) then you make a homemade tincture. then you get distilled water, put 1 part water to 4 parts tincture (about what is used in heavier smoke ecigs) but rather than fill an ecig. FILL A FREAKING SMOKE MACHINE! the smoke machine and ecigs use atomizers then go to your car or bathroom or any small room and run the smoke machine with your friends. hotbox the room and put the smoke machine right into your mouth. who thinks im stupid? cuz the more i think about it the less practical it sounds.

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