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accessories for rolling tins/boxes

for the tin or box that you use for rolling you have all the things you need. i have papers, cigarettes, green, a roll of filters to use as a pokey, credit card for scraping the spillage into my tin, pre made roaches and i recently added a long piece of card. the card is the length of my joints and has 3 folds in it to look like the letter ‘M’ (my last innitial :P). this is for sitting my skins in and also when i scrape bonus off the edge of a table this is a great place to catch it. i seen one of them in my mates tin yesterday and thought it was an amazing idea. does anyone have any similar ideas for things to make? ive always needed this but it never even crossed my mind to make one and they take a minute to make. it got me wondering if theres something that simple that i couldnt think of then there must be other simple home made things that i could do with, any suggestions?

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