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A Solid Foundation, can you SEE?

Smoke weed. Listen to it.
Don’t tell it where to go, or what to do.
Let it guide your thoughts, let it take your body.
This is the first step.

See what is around you. Notice the wind, notice the temprature, notice the clouds, the stars, the grass, the trees.
Begin to learn their names, understand where it is they belong in nature.
Deepin your observation, and begin to see why everything is where it is, and what is is doing, and what other things are doing to it…

Then look at things like humans, virus’, and bacteria. Realize that this is the category we fall in.
We are a parasite, we gain from other beings loss.
The earth, the animals, the vegetation. The more it loses, the more we gain.

Then realize where YOU belong.
Are you purely part of the human parasite, or do YOU have a place in the Earth as well…

Once you begin to find your place, you will begin to understand.
And always remember.
Questions are the best answers. Don’t EVER seek an end…

Yesterday is not right now, and today is not tomorrow.
Livin for the moment?
Then your time’s already borrowed…

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