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83 days clean, I need of support! Please and Thanks you!

Hello, I am in need of having some question and concerns answered and I was hoping someone out there could help me.

About me: I am 5 foot 8, weigh about 150lbs. I have been a smoker of high grade pot for ~10 years. I smoked 4-5 bowls/day everyday.

Situation: I learned that I would be having to take a drug test in December back in September. The last day I smoked was Sept. 23rd and I was absent from use for 15 days when on October 9th I shaved my head. I shaved my head using a #1 at a barbershop which was probably made the length 2-3 centimeters. Today I had a sample cut from the back area of my head approximately 3/4-1 inch long. The sample will be sent to Quest Diagnostics. Since my last use I have been clean for 83 days. I did not use any Jerry G method or any other products/techniques to alter the test. Only thing I did was shaved my head 15 days after my last use.

Does anyone have any ideas or past history that they could share on whether or not I will pass the test? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!!

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